Audiniai laisvalaikio, džinsiniams švarkeliams

Audiniai laisvalaikio, džinsiniams švarkeliams

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Showing 1-18 of 35 item(s)

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  • Stylish double-sided fabric...

    Price €38.00

    Stylish double-sided fabric for raincoats

    Stiff fabric
    One side of the fabric is covered with latex (glossy faux leather effect) and the other side is with checkered jacket fabric

    Width: 1.44 m

    Composition: 62% polyester, 25% polyurethane, 13% polyamide

  • Subtly shiny jacket fabric

    Price €29.00

    Subtly shiny jacket fabric
    The glitter is woven into the fabric, visible in direct light
    The fabric is tight, thin, hard, suitable for jackets.

    50% viscose, 50% polyester
    Width 1.34 m

    Colors: Shiny black
    Italian fabric

  • Velour, warmed

    Price €38.00

    Velvety soft, textured velour, warmed with sintepon
    Rich, chocolate colors

    'Micro Velvet 5000'

    80% cotton, 20% polyester
    Width: 1.33 m

  • Shiny polyester

    Price €25.00

    Shiny polyester, as if woven from Swarovski crystals.

    Can be sewn on two sides - one side is silver with black glitter, the other side is black with silver.

    100% polyester

    Width 1.5 m

    Colors: Silver, black

    Italian fabric

  • Textured viscose fur

    Price €35.00

    Textured viscose, surface - "combed" fur in different directions.
    Camel, camel color. The fabric is very soft, falling, quite thin.
    Suitable for a light jacket, skirt, dress.

    Width 1.4 m

    Composition 100% viscose

  • Stretchy, shiny patterned...

    Price €25.00

    Stretchy, shiny patterned velor in black and silver-sand colors.
    Extremely elastic, soft, velvety.

    Suitable for dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, tight models.

    97% viscose, 3% elastane
    Width 1,5m

  • MARELLA patterned polyester

    Price €25.00

    Semi-thick polyester fabric printed with MARELLA geometric patterns.
    Slim, lightweight, but not quite thin.
    For jackets, raincoats, dresses or skirts.

    Width 1.4 m

    Coral red, light pink, blue, dark black, orange colors

  • PATRIZIA PEPE shiny jean

    Price €40.00

    High-quality PATRIZIA PEPE jeans coated with a shiny champagne gold sheen.
    Fabric with elastane, elastic, rigid, hard, holds its shape. 
    For jackets, sundresses, trousers, denim skirts.

    Attention, defect: in some places there are vintage-looking stretches on the surface, as if the fabric has been aged.

    Width 1.43 m

  • PAUL SMITH pleated jean

    Price €55.00

    High-quality PAUL SMITH jeans, finely pleated.
    For exclusive skirts, culottes, wide trousers, denim ponchos, jackets or their details

    Side B is glued with interfacing, to keep the pleats in shape

    Blue denim fabric
    100% cotton

    Width 1.6 m

  • Floral satin polyester

    Price €24.00

    Shiny satin polyester fabric printed with botanical plant designs.
    Rigid, harder, yet lightweight.

    For jackets, raincoats, form-fitting dresses or skirts.

    Width 1.52 m